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Gnk Garage Door Opener & Repair, is a company that has been working in the South San Francisco area, since 1997. We are highly qualified to take care of anything related to garage doors. If you want to find a reliable garage door services for your home, turn to us for a service that will meet your requirements. We are one of the preferred contractors in the region and the most renowned garage door supplier. Residents in the area know who to turn to for a service that is professional and highly reliable.

Located in the South San Francisco area, GNK Garage Door Opener & Repair is the company that will take care of all your concerns and needs connected with garage doors.

We are a family owned and operated business that has been serving residents in the region with a continuing desire to provide exceptional customer satisfaction. As a leading garage door supplier in the area, we realize how important our work is for people who need reliable garage door services. That is why we always make sure the results of our work meet your expectations. Making you happy with our service is our number one goal. Make us your garage door contractor and you will be glad to work with us.

Why We Started

After searching the market for a San Francisco garage door company that would repair our own garage door for a broken spring, we found that there is a huge injustice with large companies overcharging clients. We didn’t like that, so we took a stand and established this company to provide our community in San Francisco with quality and honest services, and surprisingly low prices. Call us now to schedule an appointment or receive a free estimate, and you WILL be surprised! Finally, a South San Francisco garage door company you can rely on!


"Our garage door completely stopped working and would refuse to open manually. The costs for the repair and their services were extremely affordable and reasonable. I appreciated the repair service work that was done and will call this place again in the future."


(650) 676-4002 - 20 Jacinto Ln South San Francisco, CA 94080